Barrio de las Letras | MADRID


A half-day walking tour that covers all the essential sights in a fascinating part of Madrid, the Barrio de las Letras, the Literary Quarter, including delicious and traditional bars along the way. Uncovering the centre of Madrid has never been so easy! 

Are you tired of sifting through endless travel tips, trying to decode the essence of Madrid, and struggling to plan the perfect adventure that leaves no stone unturned?

Our Barrio de las Letras walking tour is a comprehensive walking tour crafted by a Madrid expert, delivering crystal-clear instructions that immerse you in the heart of the city, making you feel like a true Madrileño. Deciding what to visit is not an insurmountable task. Planning the order in which to visit those places is something quite different, as it requires a deep knowledge of the city. After years helping travelers who come to Madrid, we feel one of the main mistakes made by many is to follow unrealistic routes, that do not optimize their time in the city and miss out on incredible places.

Everything you need in one resource

Our Barrio de las Letras walking tour is meticulously designed with a distinct breed of traveler in mind – the kind who craves more than the ordinary, the kind who hungers for the soul of a destination. It’s for those who yearn to unearth the hidden stories of the city, who seek out the must-see wonders but also dare to venture beyond the beaten path. We’re here to ignite your passion for Madrid, to infuse your journey with excitement and wonder, and to ensure that you leave this city with a heart bursting with joy and memories that will last a lifetime.

Prepare to be captivated by Madrid like never before!

What the guide is like:

With your Barrio de las Letras you get:

  • one exclusive self-guided walking tour, created by the authors of Travel Guides Spain and Portugal and Road Trip Spain and Portugal.
  • a half-day walking tour that can be completed in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • detailed instructions on how to move from one point of interest to the next.
  • descriptions and information on each of the points of interested visiting along the route.
  • an online map of the walking tour you will be able to open on Google Maps.
  • food tips integrated into the walking tour, so that you come into contact with the same foods that the people of Madrid love.
  • this is an e-book, not a printed book (you can print it if you wish, the A4 document is formatted to help with this task). You will get immediate access to it after completing the purchase. You can check here more details about our guides.
  • the guide can be read without an Internet connection. It’s on your computer, smartphone or tablet and can be read even if you’re not connected to the internet.

Some of the places the walking tour visits:

The walking tour includes fourteen highlights, including the Almudena Cathedral, the Mercado de San Miguel, the Palacio Real, the Plaza de Oriente, the Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del Sol. As well as bar and restaurants along the walking tour. At the end of the tour, we have included several restaurant recommendations for your lunch or dinner.


Download your files as soon as your finish the purchase. The download link is valid for FOUR DAYS – after four days, the link will no longer be valid. You can download the file up to six times. Do not worry, after you download it, you can copy it to other devices of yours as many times as you want, but the maximum number of downloads allowed is six per guide.

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