We are Cecília and Tony

The Spain and Portugal travel specialists

Cecília, born in Brazil, holds a 🇵🇹 passport. Tony, born in Spain, holds a 🇪🇸passport.

We have been touring Spain and Portugal non-stop for several decades. Before establishing our current base in Spain, Tony spent 17 years of his life living abroad. Seven years in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and 10 years in Brazil 🇧🇷.

We have been sharing trip advice on our Road Trip Spain and Portugal YouTube channel and our Road Trip Spain and Portugal website for quite some time.

And now we want to help you travel better with the aid of our travel guides.


Several decades of travel in Spain and Portugal, and years of contact with the traveler’s needs through the commentary section of our several YouTube channels and websites, have equipped us with the knowledge and information needed to be able to help travelers maximize their time and money.

Our mission

Our goal is to turn your visit to Spain or Portugal into the best trip ever. We want you to experience our countries to the full, with everything they have to offer, from landscapes to monuments to amazing food. So when you return home, you will be counting the days for your next trip to Spain or Portugal.

A few Spain and Portugal favourites

While we truly love the big cities, and we have been to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon or Porto hundreds of times, it’s on the off-the-beaten track destinations where our absolute favorites lay, from Cádiz or Lanzarote to the island of São Miguel in the Açores.